How is My Family Doing?

Before you can begin to create a Family Education Plan, it's time to think about how your family is doing, how you are doing as a parent, and what things you could do to create an environment of

in your home.

There are three basic areas that parents can focus on to create a home that nurtures children and encourages them to learn and grow:

To think about how your family is doing, please take three short inventory quizzes for Basic Needs, Character & Values, and Learning Skills. These questions are designed to help you think about what you do currently and identify areas where you can improve.

Every family

areas of success and weakness.The important thing is to focus on ways to improve and adapt them to your family. You can reassess your family’s needs and educational growth at the end of each school year.

Take Inventory

» Basic Needs Quiz

» Character & Values Quiz

» Learning Skills Quiz