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Create a Family Education Plan

As you've walked through this site and its resources, hopefully you have had time to think about the strengths of your own family and what kinds of things you can do to improve how your family learns together.

Now it's time you to create your own Family Education Plan using the free downloads to the left (all pdfs). These worksheets give you a guide for making a plan for your family as well as keep track of goals and progress.

We recommend that you get a folder or binder to store your pages in. Sit down with your family to work through each sheet, creating goals to learn and grow as a family. Perhaps you can find the same night or morning each week to do a new worksheet and new activity.

Goals can range from simply making an effort to eat one meal a day together to getting out in the community to volunteer at one of the many nonprofit organizations. Keep track of your family activities by writing journal entries. If your children are old enough to write them, you could print out multiple journal entries

Whatever you do, find things to do together. Encourage your children to ask questions and observe the world. Keep learning fun and exciting.

Turn on the light of learning in your home, and keep it burning for many years to come!

FEP Worksheets

» FEP Plan (pdf)

» Family Education Planning Detail (pdf)

» Family Education Goals (pdf)

» Individual Education Goals (pdf)

» Educational Activity Plan Worksheet (pdf)

» Family Learning Support Activities (pdf)

» Journal Entry (pdf)