FEP Website Resources

Below are a few websites to use as you search out foundational information and resources to design your Family Education Plan. These sites will have most of the information you will need to personalize your work. Use their links to connect to specific subject matter and other agencies that you would like to use. This website will be monitored on a quarterly basis to provide updates as new information is received.

State of Utah

The official site of the State of Utah contains many good educational resources. Click on Education then go to K-12. You will find sites for all 40 Public School districts. Elementary, middle, junior and high schools, charter and private schools are also listed here. You will find valuable information on this site to develop your Family Education Plan including student assessment & accountability, achievement, core curriculum, personnel, policies and rules, calendar events, etc.

Click on libraries and link to every public library in Utah. Link to Pioneer, Utah’s electronic library.

Click on Colleges and Universities to find information on post secondary planning.

On the left in the Education section you will find links to online services and agencies such as the Utah Arts Council, Health Department, Economic Development, etc.

Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs

The Utah Office of Ethnic Affairs assists in providing direction and services for Asians, Blacks, Hispanic/Latinos, and Pacific Islanders. Their site provides many good Community Resources.

Utah Division of Indian Affairs

Division of Indian Affairs provides resources specific to Native Americans such as tribal councils, events, and tribal schools.

Utah PTA

Utah PTA in conjunction with the Utah Family Information and Resource Center (PIRC) has created a resource library located at the PTA office. Satellite PIRCs are found throughout the state that provide many resources including workshops, trainings, brochures, and films for checkout. PTA project books, and handbooks are also available. Videos may be checked out for one week with a $25.00 refundable deposit.  Materials are available in Spanish and English.

Many topics are addressed including parenting, health, safety and welfare, education, parent involvement, life-skills, community involvement, family/school/community partnerships, the arts, research, leadership and much, much, more. Links to major educational partners are found in each PTA Commissioners section. Find the name of your local PTA President and keep in touch. National PTA brochures can also be ordered or purchased through the Utah PTA office.

Utah PTA Offices
5192 South Greenpine Drive
Salt Lake City, UT  84123-4606
(801) 261-3100 Toll Free:  1-866-PTA-UTAH (782-8824)
Fax:  (801) 261-3110

U.S. Department of Education: Especially for Parents

Especially for Parents, provided by the U.S. Department of Education in Spanish and English, provides many good resources for parents pertaining to the role of parents in education and how laws impact the policies and regulations that affect your child. You can find out about No Child Left Behind. You can also access the "Helping Your Child Succeed" series that addresses reading, math, science, school success, homework, pre-school, responsibility, adolescence, etc.  Links to other governmental and educational service agencies are also available at this site.

Utah State Office of Education

The Utah State Office of Education hosts an extensive online directory that includes Utah educational organizations, districts and schools, K-12 core curriculum, policies and regulations, assessment and achievement, statewide test scores, life skills, early childhood guidelines, STAR Reading program, special needs resources, health and nutrition, student learning, drug and alcohol prevention, arts, adult education, educational data and research, and more.


FamilyFun.com is a fun site where you will find tips on raising kids, holiday ideas, family gatherings, game, arts, and crafts, and recipes.

FEP Worksheets

» FEP Plan (pdf)

» Family Education Planning Detail (pdf)

» Family Education Goals (pdf)

» Individual Education Goals (pdf)

» Educational Activity Plan Worksheet (pdf)

» Family Learning Support Activities (pdf)

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